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一点感想 My thoughts





Last week, we rescued a little mouse from the 5 cats at home, so that I felt a lot and thought a lot. I feel more and more the selfish of human.

When I heard a mouse at the beginning, I felt scared and annoying, but when I saw it very cute, the annoyance in my heart became like and compassion.

I hate and scare mice because, from childhood, teachers, and all the people and things of the textbooks are telling me that mice are a bad thing that is terrible and annoying. So even if you have never seen it, you have a deep trouble. But then my view of mice changed because it was cute and made me feel happy. All feelings are to look at the problem on their own position and perspective.

The Buddhism talks about everything, and we cannot decide the destiny of another life because of personal emotions and gains and losses. God created this world, so everything has the truth of his existence. What we have to do is to learn to really respect life, not for our own interests, but to think about problems from their perspective.

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