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一步一个脚印 One Step at A Time


When learning a new skill, we often imagine that we have achieved a high level of achievement at the beginning. So in the process of learning, I began to pursue quantity rather than quality. Since there is no solid foundation at the beginning, it will be inefficient or even ineffective when learning new things. The result is picking up sesame seeds and losing the watermelon. This was also the most obvious problem in my previous English learning. Before I understood the most basic grammar, I began to pursue solving questions and getting high scores. In the long and ineffective learning journey, I failed again and again but could not find the reason. But through uncle’s teachings, I learned that when doing anything, please take it one step at a time and not aim too high. Start with the most basic grammar, then analyze sentence patterns, then read a large number of books in both Chinese and English, and finally do appropriate exercises. After completing the above, I can look back at the English articles that I found difficult before, but now I can easily understand them. I really feel a sense of accomplishment. Thank you uncle for your teaching, which made me understand how to study and truly feel the joy of learning.

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