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一年的陪伴A year of companionship



A year of companionship

In the blink of an eye, more than half of December has passed, and our little dog has been with us for almost a year. I can't help but think of what it looked like when it first arrived. At that time, it was only a few months old, so small and lively. There was heavy snow outside at that time, and it was icy and icy. Every time he goes out, he has a great time playing in the snow, and he also likes to play in the snow with people. As a result, his fur is covered with white flowers, which is very cute. Now a year has passed. Although it is more than a year old and has grown up a lot, and is now an adult dog, it is still as playful as before. Because the temperature dropped late this year, there is no snow yet. Maybe it will be more fun when it snows heavily. Because it is much bigger than before, it is exciting to think about playing in the snow with others. Looking forward to the next big snowfall this year.

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