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It’s Christmas time again, and this Friday happens to be the winter solstice again. In addition to making dumplings together during the Winter Solstice this time, we also ate mutton steamed buns and glutinous rice balls made by my uncle. 2023 is coming to an end again in the blink of an eye. Although the winter solstice has passed and the temperature has been very low these two days, there is still no heavy snowfall. It rained all day on Saturday, and by Sunday evening it was foggy outside, which looked particularly beautiful. Today happens to be Christmas Eve again. In previous years, we usually go out to eat or walk around the city center. This time, my uncle cooked a variety of delicacies, including delicious pan-fried steaks and fragrant grilled chicken legs. We had a dinner together in the evening, and everyone ate deliciously. I can’t help but start to look forward to the upcoming New Year, when the atmosphere will be even more lively.

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