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I failed my G2 test recently. There are some reason, the main of which is I haven’t practiced enough. But fortunately, it’s not difficult here to retest. You only need to wait for ten days and then pay 50 dollars, which compared to China, is too easy as uncle said. However, though it is easy, I still need to be serious. Uncle said to me that even the things were small, we still considered them carefully and should be prepared, or else we might fail, like this time. This also reminded me that no matter I meet in the future, I should not be arrogant, thus dealing with it carelessly.


We are going to finish the documentary of War of resistance against Japan. We finally win, but seeing it I felt sad, because the victory was so uneasy to get, and the things after was too disappointing. The condition of being attacked by many was really throat-squeezing, let alone the misunderstanding and the lack of help of our allies. I don’t know how much spirit one needs to undertake this. Sometimes, I also think that those who lived in the last century, they need to suffer such a miserable life full of pain and misery, seeing desperation after just meeting with hope every time. Then what supports them, and when they are old, probably are the notion that they must leave a land of peace to their descendants, after all they have decided to give their lives to the country, or have already their lived been ground to oldness.

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