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一天内两次的夜晚 A night twice in one day






A night twice in one day

This Monday we experienced two nights in one day, as if the sun was eaten. Why? It turns out that there is a solar eclipse in North America. Around 3:30 pm on Monday, the sun in the sky seemed to be covered by a round black cloth, but a faint light shone through the edge of the black cloth. The sky is getting dark, and the street lights on the roadside have come on early.

Although I don't know what is the phenomenon that produces a solar eclipse? But our know-it-all "Zi Teng" is very clear. He gave Xiaoshan and me a detailed explanation, and we roughly understood the cause of this strange phenomenon.

About an hour later, around 4:30, the sun gradually returned to its original state, and its light shone on the land again. I remember that the last time I saw a solar eclipse was in China in 2020, but that time the sky was only slightly darker. This time the sun seemed to have really been eaten.

The two nights in one day are indeed interesting. We are also discussing with each other the scene of the next solar eclipse. Will the sun be completely covered and not show a trace of light?

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