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2021 - 2022
Award Winner 獲獎師生

Outstanding Intern Teacher Award

Grace Guan


​Introduction to the Outstanding Intern Teacher Award: 

​The school selects outstanding graduates from the school’s graduates every year. Became a paid trainee teacher at our school while he was studying at university. Appropriate recognition will be given to teachers with excellent quality, ability, and work to encourage their excellent performance during the internship. 



​Outstanding Student Award

Allen Shen

Alice Han


​Outstanding Student Award Introduction:

The award is given to the student who excelled in all aspects of the previous academic year.

These aspects include: excellent academic performance; mature and progressive thinking, sincerity, kindness, open-mindedness and tolerance, self-discipline; excellent moral character; positive attitude towards exercise and work; good study and living habits, etc.

​In order to encourage the student to continue to maintain and improve in these areas, this award is hereby awarded as an encouragement.






Gifted Student Award


Tom Han

Tom joined Cambridge Middle School in 2021 and began to learn piano performance systematically. Due to the school's education and Tom's own musical talent, in just one and a half years, Tom obtained the piano grade 10 certificate and began to prepare to participate in the world-class youth piano competition.



Arthur Zhou

Arthur will join Cambridge Middle School in 2021 and start to study bodybuilding and fitness systematically. Due to the school's education and Arthur's own talent, Arthur has made significant progress in terms of physical fitness and muscle shaping.


​Introduction to the Gifted Student Award:

The award refers to the students in some areas, through the school's discovery and their own efforts, who show talent, and talent beyond other students.

​In order to encourage the student to continue working hard and become a top professional in the field in the future, this award is hereby issued to encourage him.





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