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Information for Students and parents

The application for the 2022-2023 school year will be available by Oct 8th, 2021. We encourage families who are interested in applying to Cambridge Academy to begin the process at least 8 months prior to their desired entry date.

On this website, you will also find useful information about the tuition and standard, admission requirement, and application process.  

2022-2023 學年的申請將於 2021 年 10 月 8 日開放,我們鼓勵有興趣申請劍橋學院的家庭至少在其期望入學日期前的 10 個月開始申請


All About Application for Cambridge Academy 

How to Apply

There are the following simple steps for applicants to complete their applications. 

1. Click Apply button on the top of the Menu bar. 

2. Download the Application Form, filling, and signing.

3. Send us Required  Documentation with a scanned copy of your Application Form via email at

4. Please pay your application fee through our online application system. A non-refundable application fee of $() must be submitted with each application.​

5. Applicants will receive a confirmation email once we have collected the application package and fee as well as tracking online the situation of their admission after their application has been submitted.

6. An IQ and enrollment test will be sent to applicants in a separate email after the confirmation. (Click here for the test regulation)

7. The Pre-Admission Offer will be sent to applicants if they meet all the application requirements and pass the test. 

8. Due date and payment information of the tuition fee are indicated on the Pre-Admission Offer. Please pay the tuition in full to hold the seat. Failure to pay the full tuition can result in losing the candidate's seat.

10. Applicants who have completed the above process will receive their final Letter of Acceptance and Invoice for Student Visa Application.



1. 點擊網站菜單欄頂部的 Apply 申請

2. 下載申請表,填寫並簽字

3. 將所需文件連同申請表的掃描件通過電子郵件發送至

4. 請通過我們的在線申請系統支付您的申請費(每份申請都必須提交不可退還的申請費 $_____)

5. 我們在收到申請材料和費用後將發送一封確認的電子郵件,並在提交申請後通知申請人相關進度

6. IQ和入學測試將在申請者收到確認電子郵件後通過單獨的電子郵件發送 (點擊此處查看測試規則)

7. 符合所有申請條件並通過考試的申請者將收到預錄取通知書

8. 學費的付款截止日期支付信息包含在預錄取通知書裏,請支付學費以保住名額,未能支付學費可能會導致申請人失去名額

10. 完成上述流程的申請人將收到最終的錄取通知書和收據用於簽證申請

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