About Cambridge Academy

        Feidu Education was established in 2005 as a private aristocratic school. For more than 10 years, it has been adhering to the mission of “really changing the lives of children and making students truly outstanding and happy” to teach and educate students. In 2020, we started our first school in Canada from Feidu to Cambridge Academy. Our school has various courses in the domestic junior and high schools, overseas English training, Chinese studies, traditional culture, and other academic and skill training. Starting from life, the school adheres to the brand-new teaching philosophy of "Quality is a person's greatest ability, quality and performance are never contradictory, and changes in habits and methods are the key to improving performance". Through the long-term 24-hour contact between students and teachers, truly improve Every child's physical, mental, and grades will change child's life. The students graduating from here are all over the world, and they can be seen in top colleges and universities in the United States, Australia, Britain, and other parts of the world. Children who go abroad from here can seamlessly connect with the local society. Cambridge Academy-the cradle of truly thoughtful talents!

        霏渡教育于2005年成立,是一所私立貴族學校,10多年以來一直秉承“真正改變孩子的一生,使學生成為真正優秀幸福的人”的宗旨教書育人。 2020年,我校開設了第一所位於加拿大多倫多的學校——劍橋中學。我校設有國內初高中各項課程,出國英語培訓,國學,傳統文化等 各項學術及技能培訓。 學校從生活入手,堅持“素質是一個人最大的能力,素質與成績絕 不矛盾,習慣與方法的改變是提高成績的關鍵”的全新教學理念,通過 學生與老師長期24小時接觸的方式,真正改善每一位孩子的身體,心 理,成績,從而改變孩子的一生。 從這裡畢業的學子遍及全球,美國,澳洲,英國等世界各地的頂級 高等學校均能看到他們矯健的身影。從這裡走出國門的孩子均能與當 地社會無縫對接。 劍橋中學-真正有思想的優秀人才的搖籃!